8th Perinatal Symposium

Welcome Letter

Dear Colleagues,

The 8th “Maria Delivoria-Papadopoulos Perinatal Symposium”, adapting to the requirements of the COVID-19pandemic, has changed its usual form to hybrid. This permits a great number of participants across the world to follow free of charge the presentations by prominent international scientists and take part in the interactive panel discussion on a very important topic: “Perinatal Nutrition and DOHaD Consequences”. Relatively, constantly emerging research data clearly recognize the catalytic role of perinatal nutrition in the long-term health of the offspring, but also of future generations. The Symposium is endorsed by two important institutions: The National and Kapodistrian University of Athens and The PREIS School, Florence.

The “Maria Delivoria-Papadopoulos Perinatal Symposia” started in 2010 and address each time extensively only one theme, adhering to the exact definition of a “scientific Symposium”. They are named after the famous Greek-American Professor Maria Delivoria-Papadopoulos, the legendary “Trailblazer in Perinatology” and “Mother of Neonatology”: the clinician and scientist who, as first worldwide applied mechanical respiratory support to premature neonates and gained numerous awards for her pioneering work in peri-and-neonatal physiology, particularly of the brain. Maria participated several times to these Symposia and intended to virtually follow this latest edition. Unfortunately, on September 11, 2020 she passed away; thus, the current Symposium will be a tribute to her memory.

The undersigned shares Maria’s notion that knowledge transfer is a “social good”, which should be largely disseminated for free, hence making sponsors’contribution invaluable.

Hoping that you will enjoy the presentations and you will vividly participate to the discussions I want to cordially thank our distinguished speakers for their eager engagement.

Professor Ariadne Malamitsi-Puchner, MD, PhD

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